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Bethany McIlrath has several years of experience writing about and practicing healthy living techniques. An avid reader and researcher at heart, Bethany knows how work can force a sedentary lifestyle. She also knows how to fight back and stay active anyway. Self-described as someone who can’t sit still, she is often found stretching, snacking on yogurt, and trying new aerobic moves.

Reducing Chronic Pain Through Exercise

Chronic Pain Through Exercise
Chronic Pain Through Exercise

Exercising while experiencing pain may seem counter-intuitive. However, people with chronic pain can benefit from certain forms of exercise. Typically, helps exercises are those that stretch and gently strengthen muscles in order to relieve pressure contributing to the ongoing pain.

Examples of pain-reducing exercises include:

1. Decompression Poses

Much of the pressure on the spine and limbs can be relieved by decompression. Also known as relaxed stretches or poses, decompression begins with the placement of a rolled up towel or foam roller. The pad-like object should be used laying down.

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Abs for Life: A Home Workout You Can Stick To

Home Fitness Workout
Home Fitness Workout

Although a six pack of abs is not realistic for many people, it is possible to maintain a set of healthy, sculpted abs for life. This home workout is designed to fit into any busy routine. Since it doesn’t require anyone to leave home, it is also convenient and affordable.

Make this home workout routine part of a daily habit and strong abs will be part of regular life, too.

Step #1: Get Crunching

A simple exercise, crunches are powerful for burning abdominal fat and toning the ab muscles. Simply lay on the floor with your ar
ms behind your head and your knees bent so that your feet are flat on the floor. Tighten your abs to lean forward, bringing your head near your knees. Repeat motion 10 times. Complete 3 sets with rests.

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