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My interest in physical fitness was triggered while in High school as an active participant in high school sports competitions. I participated in a lot of sports ranging from soccer, hockey, athletics, volleyball, and Basketball. My favorite exercise routines includes skipping the ropes, kettlebells workout routines, weight training and strength conditioning, long distance running, and general exercises, focusing on power, stability and mobility. I'm a mid level judo trainee and has very keen interest in yoga exercises.

Kettlebell The Incredible Workout Tool

kettlebell exercises
kettlebell exercises

The kettlebell is a round shaped free weight, with a flat base and an arced handle. The simple and innocent look contradicts its usefulness as an amazing exercise tool used by Russians and the Russian Army to keep very fit. They are small and portable, hence, can be manipulated in several ways by throwing, juggling, pressing, holding and moving them.
They are very effective for weight loss, toning of body muscles, improving cardiovascular fitness and strength, maintaining joint health, improving mobility and stability. We shall look at some popular exercise routines that can be carried out using the kettle bell.

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