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Hello, My name is Kai I am a fitness instructor (soon to be personal trainer) and biochemistry student. I love to teach core and circuit classes in the gym. My personal workouts include pilates, weight training, muay thai and dance. I love to try out new exercises and equipment in the gym, and incorporate parts of my own workouts into the classes that I teach. I have a keen interest in nutrition and believe that fitness isn’t just about your workouts. You need to eat clean, sleep well, drink plenty of water and workout to see optimum results. I’m here to help you reach your goals, through good health and exercise.

Wake Up Ab Routine Made Simple!!!!!

Ab Routine Made Simple
Ab Routine Made Simple

We all wake up after a good night’s rest and take a look at our abs in the mirror when we go to shower. Our bodies are dehydrated and sometimes appear to be much leaner in the morning. Of course one of the most challenging areas of our bodies to tone up can be the stomach/abs, but now you can wake up in the morning and get strong lean abs with this quick abs workout. You can do this alone or with a housemate / partner first thing in the morning. Make sure that you drink a glass of water before doing this workout and stay hydrated. Remember that abs are made in your workouts but shown in the kitchen. (You’ll need to eat clean to see the best results!)

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