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Shea Winpigler is a writer, musician and health junkie. Having co-written, "Finding Balance For Good," an Ayurvedic eating guide, Shea specializes in finding foods that match seasonal as well as bodily needs. Most of her work has been under aliases varying in age, gender and location, as is the life of a ghost writer (she's not a phantom we swear), but most recently she blogs for small businesses within the Baltimore area, from Federal Hill Fitness to Crafted Hair Studio. Shea is a sucker for PB&Js, fiction and high intensity interval training, and believes anything can be solved with a bath, a book and a dessert scented candle. Who said you can't have dessert and smell it, too?

The right way to use a scale for weight loss

Girl on the Weighing Scale
Girl on the Weighing Scale

You know, I used to be a BIG time weighing scale enthusiast. Every day I’d look down in between my feet hoping that the weight loss fairies would grant me the glass slipper of fat loss.

I’d cry if I gained. I’d binge on workouts if I lost weight.  And I’d hate it. Every time.

That was back when I counted calories, went to the gym for two plus hours every day, strictly scheduled meals and took what seemed to be every weight loss supplement I could get my hands on.

And that’s why the scale and I broke up (sort of).

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