Lengthen & Strengthen with Pilates

Pilates Leads to a Happier, Healthier Life! Like yoga, Pilates is almost as much about the breathing as it is about controlling the body’s movements through the abdominal muscles (the “powerhouse”).

What really nice about Pilates is that you can do it anywhere at any time. All you would need is a mat and a peaceful atmosphere. Even though it works you hard, it does not leave you a sweaty mess, so you can easily fit it into a busy lifestyle.

It works the core and gives you a flat belly…Most abdominal exercises focus on the superficial abdominals that won’t give you a flat stomach. Pilates targets the deep core, which leads to a flat tummy, a narrow waist, and a healthy spine.

Pilates gives you time to think, it is a surprisingly intellectual method of exercise. It requires one to focus on how one’s body is moving. This keeps the mind engaged and challenged. Another great benefit of Pilates is that it’s a pain killer, which is great for injury prevention because it focuses on the muscles that support and protect joints and the spine, restoring proper body mechanics. It builds strength and flexibility in an efficient and effective way. Each Pilates exercise both stretches and strengthens through moves that work the muscles while they are lengthening.

Good posture is so important! Pilates will actually make you stand up straighter and really improve your posture, which in turn makes you look younger, confident and more attractive, and keeps  you balanced. A Pilates routine can be modified to accommodate injuries or can be amped up for the serious athlete and everyone in between. It is a lifelong practice, Pilates is so safe and balancing for

the body that you can begin at any age and continue practicing it for years to come. It won’t wear down the body, and you don’t have to give it up as you age.

If you are curious, here are some of the best Pilates moves for you to try at home:

The Hundred

The Hundred builds core strength while warming up the lungs and the rest of the body. It’s named for the 100 beats/breaths (10 breaths for 10 reps) that are counted during the exercise.

The Roll Up

The Roll Up strengthens the abdominal muscles and restores the spine to a neutral alignment. It is uniquely effective in stretching and lengthening the lower back as well as stretching the hamstrings.

The Rollover

The Rollover is an advanced exercise that requires a strong core and should not be performed if you have any kind of neck or back problems. When done properly, the Rollover strengthens your abdominal muscles, stabilizes the pelvis and improves posture while targeting the butt and lower back muscles.

Open-Leg Rocker

The Open-Leg Rocker engages the core and lats while training the body for proper spine articulation and stretching the hamstrings and spine. It shapes the waistline, working the internal obliques while lengthening the hamstrings.

Do Pilates! For a happier, healthier, more flexible You!

Be Strong, Stay Fit xxx

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