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Elizabeth Owiredu is a Nutritionist currently offering Nutrition and lifestyle coaching with her company, E&P Healthy. She is a freelance health blogger and researcher. Health researcher Elizabeth has always had a passion for food and studied to qualify as a professional chef when she left school. This sparked her interest in the scientific side of food and a lifelong love of Nutrition; she went on to study this at Bachelor and Master Levels. She has worked at the University of Leeds as a health researcher and most recently for the charity Mercy UK as a health and fitness coordinator. When she’s not coaching, writing or cooking she enjoys swimming, reading and watching movies with her husband and their pet rabbit!

What happens when we don’t exercise?

no exercise Cons
no exercise Cons

Exercise is a familiar term that is well known for providing many benefits in the prevention of bad health. It is a growing global phenomenon in various different forms, “from the U.S. to Australia, 70% of people say their primary form of fitness is walking. Overall the second most-popular activity is running and the third is bicycle riding.”

Exercise has the potential to hook everyone for the whole life journey, from aquanatal, school physical education lessons, ‘parkrun’, weight training, to Pensioner Pilates to name a few.

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