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Shari is a registered dietitian specializing in naturopathic medical nutrition for women and children. As a naturopathic dietitian, she works with patients to help them identify and treat the root cause of their health issues instead of simply focusing on symptoms. She is currently doing her MS in Nutrition & Health Promotion at Mississippi States University with the aim to help others achieve optimal health with real foods and depend less on medication. Shari is the founder of NutriHeal LLC where she offers group and 1:1 consultations. An avid swimmer and runner, Shari absolutely loves HIIT and regularly plays volleyball.

Little known ways to recover faster after a workout

after a workout
after a workout

Do you struggle to recover from training or feel out of breath and light headed during strenuous ‎exercise? If so, try out the following three natural superfoods to boost your stamina and get back on track faster after your workout.

  • Beetroot

In one study, participants who consumed the purple root before working out were able to run faster and speed up by 5% during the last 1.1 miles 1.‎ Researchers found that the natural nitrates in the beetroot made muscles more effective at utilizing energy and helped them recover faster.

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