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How to curb those darn Sugar Cravings

Girl eating a donut to satisfy her sugar craving
Girl eating a donut to satisfy her sugar craving

It is true that sugar can get you addicted! It produces the same effects on the brain such as drugs like cocaine or heroin. Scary, right? White sugar is chemically formulated to make us love the taste and then keep us coming back for more. This is why we do not think twice about saying no to a birthday party or stopping by that bakery on the way to work that smells oh so good!

Think about it. When you taste the cake, donuts, ice cream, whatever sweets you may choose- it sends these signals to your brain that makes you feel so happy and energetic inside (endorphins)! Let’s say you drink one soda. After an hour or so, you tend to feel worse than you did before drinking the soda. So, what do you do? You reach for another soda for that energy and happiness again. Crash. Repeat.

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