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Benefits of Strength Training for Women: Increased Fat Loss and More!

Strength Training For Women
Strength Training For Women

Doing cardio is not the solution to increased fat loss. Yes, you read that right. For many years, cardio was the go-to advice for women seeking greater fat loss. Run longer. Walk further. Spend more time on the elliptical. Go to more aerobic classes. What was eliminated, though, was increasing strength and building muscle.

This is not to say that cardio is not important. It is! Yet, strength training and development is just as important. In the past, it was often thought that weight lifting would result in them bulking up like a linebacker. Women worried about looking too manly. Most women today have a much better understanding of the benefits of strength training. Let’s look at some of those benefits here, as well as some important tips to consider when starting (or continuing) your strength training routine.

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