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3 Incredible Effective Ashtanga Yoga Poses

Ashtanga Yoga Poses
Ashtanga Yoga Poses

It is true that yoga doesn’t burn as much calories as an aerobic class or a run, but you are bound to strengthen your muscles, work up a sweat and leave that class feeling invigorated and refreshed. According to Harvard Medical School Health Publication, a hatha yoga class, which is a less vigorous form of yoga than ashtanga, actually burns equal amount of calories as gymnastics, competitive volleyball, water aerobics and horseback riding, about 240 to 356 calories every hour. This however depends on individual body weight.
While ashtanga yoga is not a vigorous cardiovascular workout, it does support weight loss in various other ways. It qualifies as a muscle building and strength-training exercise, while offering a series of mental health benefits.
Here are some of the ashtanga yoga poses that will help you feel positive and energetic on your journey to weight loss.

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