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5 Fundamental Tips to Minimize Weight Gain When You Can’t Exercise

Over worked and tired woman has no strength to exercise
Over worked and tired woman has no strength to exercise

Exercising is an awesome way to stay trim, fit and healthy. You can burn heaps of calories and increase muscle tone with a really well planned exercise regime. It is however, super annoying when you can’t exercise, because the maintenance of the body (including weight sustainability and minimize weight gain) is therefore, compromised. So your abs, glutes, biceps, legs and stomach area all have the definite potential to gain unwanted weight and become less toned. Ugh, no!

It is important to understand the truth to an individual’s reasons for not exercising. We are all human, and sometimes there are factors that cause us to need time off from workout training. It might be that you are unwell, travelling for work, or bogged down in something really trying, that takes you “off path,” for a while. The results of not exercising will usually reflect in the outer and inner body, but there are some ways to minimize the enormity of the impact.

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