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9 Foods to Boost Your Mood and Energy Without Caffeine

Here it is again. The mid-afternoon slump has hit, and the thought of finishing the next few hours of work—without falling asleep at your desk—seems like an impossible task. Even more daunting is knowing that the end to your work day is the start to what is, often, just the beginning of a busy, tiring evening. Whether running kids from activity to activity, walking the dog, or catching up on some long-overdue errands, you are tired even before you get started. What do many do to conquer this dreadful mid-day slump? Yes, we reach for caffeine for an instant pick-me up, only to find that the very short relief is soon followed by a crash. Reach for another cup of coffee, or sugary soda, and you find yourself tossing and turning all night, leaving you tired and feeling even worse the next day.

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