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Fitness Myth or Fact – Is “No Pain, No Gain” Really True?

No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain

An exercise instructor calls out “No Pain, No Gain” while everyone in the class groans. Is what they’re saying really true? Is my workout effective only if it hurts me? Let’s take a big picture look at what role pain has in your exercise routine and what we should be looking for as we exercise.

To lose weight, no pain is no gain:

Myth, but partial fact – Losing weight just requires burning more calories than you consume. Most workouts that burn calories are high intensity, bodyweight workouts that are tough, but don’t have to be incredibly painful. I do recommend weight loss clients to work on building muscle strength (even if it actually adds a bit of extra weight) because their metabolic rate will increase. Gaining muscle strength equals more total calories burned per workout!

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