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Start Your Day With Refreshing Freezer Smoothies!


Smoothies are thick shake type drinks filled with nutrients that you wouldn’t want to miss. They are made mainly from fruits and vegetables, and of course you know what that means; a pool of body enriching nutrients!

Ever wondered whether smoothies have any health benefits at all to the body? Well, below are a few health benefits of smoothies before we get started:

  • Smoothies help keep you hydrated
  • They are a good source of body enriching minerals
  • They make a healthy breakfast
  • Smoothies are better than multi-vitamins

Preparing smoothies daily is something that is virtually feasible as it may be time consuming especially for the tightly scheduled dudes who have little or no time to start putting ingredients into the blender early in the morning. I dodge this mishap by creating a week’s worth of smoothie. How do you do this?

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